Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Indoor Decor

Even though I've neglected to post anything for a few weeks, I haven't made any further progress on my new piece.  I've been distracted by Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and all the warm spring weather we've been having in between!  Here are a couple of indoor projects I've managed to complete:

Above, I redecorated the dining room mantle shelf for the summer.  In early spring, the color scheme was spring green, yellow, and pink, but for the summer I chose nice cool blues, white and yellow.  My DH asked me to hang the illustration I did a few years back of Aesop's fable "The Wind and the Sun," and I used it as the color inspiration.  If you're not familiar with the fable, the wind and the sun are arguing about who is stronger.  They agree to a contest to see who can get a traveler to remove his coat.  The wind blows and blows, but that only makes the traveler  pull his coat more tightly around himself.  Then the sun smiles and shines and warms the air, and the traveler happily removes his coat.   This will be a gentle reminder to us to be more like the sun as we go about our days (a useful thing to remember when trying to get teens to cooperate)!

I also hung a new wreath on the front door, below.  I saw this here when I was looking for ideas on spring decorations.  It's very easy to make and could also be used as a centerpiece with some flowers or a candle in the center.

Hope you are enjoying the springtime as well!

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Vivien Zepf said...

I've been distracted by the lovely weather, too! I've decided that it's okay to enjoy the gift of sunshine...