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Highlights from the NSQG World of Quilts

Every year, the Northern Star Quilter's Guild of Westchester County, NY has a huge World of Quilts show the first weekend in May.  As in the past three years, my FANE (FiberArts Northeast) group has garnered a classroom, hung our Spirit Flags in the hallway, and set up a special exhibit.  This year we did a variation on the kimonos we made last year (so we could use those cool stands one more time).  Based on the theme "Opposites,"  each piece was 18" wide by 52" long, with the added challenge that it could be hung over the stands as well as on a wall.  There were various ways this could be done and the issue was approached and solved in many different ways.  Here is how the room looked when you first entered it.  They really make quite an impression, all seen together like this.

 One of the first pieces to catch your eye was "Unzipped" by Carole Hoffman.  She loves portraits and always creates these colorful characters.  If this was hung on the wall long ways, one of the portraits would be upside down, so Carole solved this issue by adding zippers on the top and side.  When hung over the stand, they were connected at the top, but to be hung on a wall, they can be zipped together side by side!  Isn't that ingenious?  And her work is so fabulous too!  I love the woven backgrounds and sense of playfulness and spontaneity.

She also entered this large nude quilt into the pool for judging and received an honorable mention!  Way to go, Carole!

I found it interesting and fitting that the FANE artists that created some of my favorite "opposites" pieces also received ribbons on other quilts.  One of these is Norma Schlager.  Her opposites featured drifting ginko leaves using the complimentary colors red and blue in varying shades (hand-dyed, of course):

And below is her "Fractured II,"  which earned a second-place ribbon.

I also loved Joyce Sullivan's opposite, "Rough and Smooth," below:

Joyce changed the orientation of the two pieces so part of the back of one is visible from the other side. I just love the choice of colors and the wide range of techniques she used to create all that beautiful texture.  It reminds me of the view of farmland from an airplane.  Below is the "smooth" side.  Gorgeous!

Her small piece, "Hardware," won a first place ribbon!

Renee Fleuranges-Valdes created these colorful opposites.  Her quilting is so well done and color choices so vibrant!

This larger abstract piece, using similar colors, won a ribbon as well.

Jane Davila created this beautiful "Balance of Opposites."  It's so peaceful and zen-like, a breath of fresh air!

Jane didn't have any other quilts in the show, but she was busy manning her booth for Flourish!, her art-quilt supply shop.  Lots of eye candy here!

These next quilts are by Donna Chambers, who runs her own jewelry business and just does artquilts as a hobby!  As you can see, she is multi-talented, and her work is always striking.

This piece, below, won best-in-show for a small piece!  Well-deserved!  Read more about Donna on the FANE blog here.

My piece, "Winter and Summer," caught some eyes and got some nice compliments.  In truth, it wasn't completely finished, as I'd love to add some beading and embellishments to the Winter side (I think I'll save that for another time, though).  

 The vendors are always great at the NSQG show, and I couldn't resist doing a bit of shopping!  These colorful characters were tempting, but I think my girls are beyond the stuffed toy stage.

I did end up buying each of them a small handmade purse, perfect for holding a cell phone, some cards, cash, and ID.  Aren't they beautiful?

And after ogling all these ribbons and cool silks at Easy Pieceing's shop (from Brooklyn, NY)...

I couldn't help picking up a few things for myself!  They had a great variety bag of decent sized pieces of silk and other interesting fabrics in colors I love to use.  The one here in my hand is woven of metal thread and silk together - so cool!  It catches the light in such an unusual way.  I can't wait to create something with these!

I'll post some more quilts from NSQG this week...

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Norma Schlager said...

Wonderful review of the show! I was so sorry to have to missed it.