Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Final NSQG Pics

Here are the last few Opposites and other stars from the 2014 World of Quilts:

"Fairy Realm" by Christine Wilhelm,

 "In and Out" by Cecelia Leiseroff,

"Winter Freeze, Spring Thaw" by Kathi Jahnke,

"Topsy-Turvy" by Carolyn Spiegel,

 "Murder of Crows, Bluebirds in Spring" by Linda Long,

and "Yikes, It's a Frog" by Clair Oehler.

 As you can see, each on is a unique take on the Opposites theme, and the techniques, styles, and subjects so very different that it's worth seeing them all!

Unfortunately, I missed photographing Natalya Aikens amazing work! It could be displayed two different ways and at first there was some discussion about which side went up, so I delayed photographing it and then ended up missing it altogether!  (So sorry, Natalya!)  Luckily, Natalya is great at photographing and posting her own work and you can see and read about her piece "Black and White" here.  Natalya currently has her own show at the Etui gallery in Larchmont, NY (see a preview here) and the opening is Friday evening from 6-8, so if you're in the area, stop by!

Finally, here are a few more quilts from the main floor that I couldn't resist photographing.

This one is by Mary Cannizzaro from South Salem, NY.  So many people wanted to see it up close and photograph it that I had to stand and wait a few minutes!  The color scheme and bold design were really eye-catching.

Here is a close up.  As she stated on her entry card, the center square was a purchased tablecloth to which she added the graphic pieced borders in matching colors.  I love how the quilting gives it a mosaic effect.  It must look stunning in a bedroom.

And my last pick from the show was the quilt below:

Isn't it sweet?  It's called "Awesome Wonder" and was created by Don Gough of Lincolndale, NY.  I love the way the splattered-paint background shimmers and makes the silhouettes really stand out.  It reminds me of a picture book illustration!

And that's it!  Now onto some new projects...

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Norma Schlager said...

Thanks ever so much for sharing these, Cindy. Having missed the show I missed the Opposites, too. Great job on taking all those pictures.