Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More From NSQG

Here are some more stunning quilts from "A World of Quilts" 2014. 

This piece, "The Silver and the Gold," was done by Nike Cutsumpas.  She held her two sides together with hook-and-loop fasteners so they can be pulled apart.  When one is turned the opposite way, they edges link together, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, so they can be displayed on a wall side by side.  Another breath-taking piece!

I neglected to write down the title of the next piece by Barbara Drillick (it was something like "the turning of the seasons").   Barabara carefully chose her background and leaf pieces to create this stunning effect when displayed over the stand or hung long way on a wall.

This playful piece by Vivien Zepf is titled "Leg-Os."  I believe it also has a unique way of being displayed on a wall, with the pieces hanging horizontally.  Clever!  The variety of human and chair legs is fun, as is the use of purple and yellow, opposites on the color wheel.

Here is Sonny Rieber's "Black and White"

and Fran Osinoff's "Complimentary, My Dear Watson, Complimentary."

Judy Gignesi's "Warm Winds, Cool Breezes" still has the kimono shape over the stand, with the back of each piece being the front of the other - very challenging to do!  Love the colors!

 Barbara Sferra used a similar color scheme in her piece, "Hot and Cold."

Finally, this is Nancy Mirman's "Night and Day."

 Nancy also had a table in the boutique, selling some of her gorgeous small pieces.  I love the ones on the canvases, with the unique found objects and interesting techniques.

Judy and Barbara S. also sold some of their work in the boutique.  Beautiful!

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Vivien Zepf said...

Thank you so much for taking pictures of our Opposites pieces and of lovely quilts in the show! Since I couldn't get there, this is a real treat.