Saturday, May 3, 2014

Show Your Work!

I recently came across this very energetic book by Austin Kleon and decided to take some of his advice by passing this on.  It's concise and easy to read, but gets to the heart of why (and how) artists should take part in social media (something I'm not that into right now).  Coincidentally, at our FANE meeting on Thursday, Jane Davila encouraged us to try a social-media experiment for a month - choose a platform (twitter, instagram, flickr, tumblr, facebook whatever), set a goal, post regularly, and then assess the process.

As you've seen, I'm not that regular at posting here, and I haven't jumped on the twitter/tumblr band wagon.  I think I'm still focused on creating on a regular basis, rather than sharing  (and I don't have a smartphone, which makes all this stuff much faster and more convenient).  But maybe I'll do some research and give this a try...

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