Monday, June 8, 2015

Garden Update

Now that spring is really in full bloom, I've been spending much more of my spare time in the garden as opposed to the studio. It's a peaceful and inspirational place filled with quiet birdsong, dappled sunlight, and a constantly changing array of colors and textures.  In the mornings, I putter around weeding and tidying up and on the weekends I tackle bigger tasks.  I've managed to add a few more ferns and heucheras as well as some coleus for color.  This morning, this velvety clematis finally bloomed on the iron obelisk I added last summer.  So happy to see it!  I have some morning glories sprouting below, so I hope to see the obelisk covered with those as the summer heats up.

I also created a new tree door in the fairy garden (someone who shall remain nameless chewed the last one I made!).  The plants from last year are growing in nicely, including some sweet woodruff, golden creeping jenny, irish moss, periwinkle, and lots of volunteer violets.  On the top left near the rocks there's a native plant that was here before I even put in the garden, which I think is a false solomon's seal.  It looks graceful and lush, just right for this spot!

I also finally got some foxgloves!  I ordered several from a catalog last spring and they've finally gotten big enough to bloom.  The tall spikes add some much-needed height among all the low-growing plants.  There are several in bloom now, but here is one next to the entry arbor.

I also couldn't resist this scottish moss I found at a local garden center.  It's fluffy and soft and should fill in between these stepping stones very nicely!  It's bright green color and little star-shaped flowers make it a charming addition.  Can't wait to see it spread!

We had a very long spell of dry sunny weather and now seem to be in a humid, showery pattern.  These mushrooms have begun to pop up everywhere!  I don't mind them, as they look cute nestled among the hostas and other small plants.

Last but not least, I had my first iris bloom near the pond last week.  These sprang up spontaneously next to my driveway several years ago and expanded enough to be divided when I put in the garden two years ago.  They are doing well in this spot and it was thrilling to see this lovely flower, even if only for a few days.

Maybe I'll use the garden as inspiration for my next FANE piece, which has a size requirement of 18"x 36", but no set theme.  I hope to get moving on that soon, as the summer has a way of flying by!