Sunday, June 1, 2014

Outdoor Decor

Now that we're finally getting some beautiful weather, I'm back in the garden, planting and watering.  As you can see from the photo above, the "Fairy Garden" area is kind of taking on a life of it's own.  I've found a few small-scale perennials that I've added around the base of the tree:  Irish moss, sweet woodruff, verbena, a mouse-ear hosta, and a mini violet.  Since the area is small, just a few plants makes it look fairly filled out (although there's still plenty of room for growth!).  I found some small glass pieces at the craft store that made a nice little stream and had fun balancing some rocks to make a little bridge.

I've been meaning to create some kind of arbor over the little pathway that goes between the fences and I finally sat down and crafted this one out of copper wire and various beads.  It adds just the right touch of color and whimsy, sort of like jewelry for the garden.  I like it!  Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy for spending time doing things like this, but we all need to play, right?  Well, this is how I play.

 I love how the grass around the garden has been growing in and greening up, but it makes the garden itself look more brown than green - so I've been adding some things to change that.

In addition to buying a few azaleas, a fern, some bleeding hearts, and columbine, I've been   transplanting hostas.  Below is one I moved near the trumpet vine, which is finally sprouting up, and another that my parents brought after dividing it in their own garden.

I also added some trailing petunias to the spilling pot.  Last year I only put in one plant, which didn't survive the heat while we were away.  This time, I planted two, hoping one will grow up while the other grows down, to create the spilling illusion.  And I've been more conscientious about watering!

Finally, here's my latest garden ornament:  a little mermaid!  Isn't she cute?  I found her at the famous Stormville Flea Market last weekend at a bargain price (I think because she is missing her arms), but I couldn't resist her sweet face.  She keeps an eye on our two new pond goldfish, which are often hiding among the rocks.

It's so great to be able to escape down to the peace and quiet of the garden again!

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