Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Break

Even though it is still VERY wintry outside, I decided to make it look like spring inside on my decorative mantle in the dining area.  I saw an advertisement for pinwheels in the Christmas Tree Shops circular and thought they looked so cheerful and springlike, blooming like flowers stuck into little flower pots.  I never made it over to Christmas Tree Shops, but I picked up the little pinwheels at Michael's Crafts (the girls and I have been making regular trips there lately - we just can't seem to resist all the colored glassware, spring flowers and decor they've been featuring!).  Then I played around with making a larger pinwheel using some scrapbooking paper and giftwrap I had.  I stuck a pin through the center and pushed it into some striped paper straws they were selling.  Cute, huh?  I'll have to make a couple more...

I also picked up three of these little wooden birdhouses for a $1 each - couldn't resist! - and had a lot of fun going through my stash of papers, ribbons, and assorted ephemera to decorate them.

After putting down an initial coat of white paint, I mod-podged tissue paper over most of this round birdhouse.  I later added the leafy stamps on the roof, and the ribbons, lace, and daisy trim all over.  I just love it!

 This one I covered with assorted papers from my stash, some scraps leftover from other projects that I had stamped or painted. I also embellished it with lace and daisies.  I think it's so cute!

Sticking with a pink, green, and yellow color scheme, I decided to use my "Spring Trees" tryptych in the center of the mantle (I made it for last year's FANE show).  I added more Gerber daisies (also from Michael's) in a mix of colors, some candles I had in my spring decor box, and some houseplants decorated with the pinwheels.  I nestled the birdhouses down in front.  Doesn't it look cheerful and springy?  Gives your spirits a little lift just to look at it - and such a relief from the perpetual gray outside!

While we were out shopping yesterday, we stopped at Harbor Freight and I was able to get the things I need to practice soldering, so that'll be the next thing on my fun to-do list.  I'll let you know how it goes...

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