Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter into Spring

Last week, our backyard still looked like this:

We had our last significant snowstorm almost exactly a month ago, but it's been so cold that not much has melted - until this week!  I've been taking a quick photo of the garden every day to show the coming of spring, and today it looks like this:

It's so nice to finally see the path and pond again!

These photos have been good inspiration for my next project, which had to fit into the theme "opposites."  I decided to do a winter-into-spring piece.  I picked up some white cotton-linen fabric last weekend and spent some time on Thursday splashing it with paints in pale blues and lavenders, with some snowflake stencils used as masks to keep some areas white.  When that was dry, I layered some additional stenciled snowflakes on top of those with white paint.  Finally, I cut some snowflakes out of white and sheer fabrics, and am now in the process of stitching them on by hand and by machine.  Here's a sneak peek:

This project is due in early April, so I'm trying to do a little work on it every day.  Considering this was a piece of plain white fabric on Thursday morning, I'd guess that if I keep up this pace, I'll get it in on time...  Hope I can keep up the momentum!

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