Monday, March 24, 2014

More Snowflakes!

Even though most of the snow is gone and I'm finally starting to see some real signs of spring,  the cold winter air is lingering!  There's even a few snowflakes in the forecast for tomorrow.

Maybe that's a good thing, because I have to finish stitching these snowflakes on my latest piece!  Every time I attempt a piece that includes snowflakes, I get caught up in the "no two are ever alike" trap.  It may be easy for Almighty God to never make two the same, but it's a real challenge for me, and I'm only making a few!  This time, to give myself a framework that might simplify it, I fused webbing on the back of several different sheer fabrics, peeled off the backing, folded them like a paper snowflake, and then snipped away.  The results were all different and pretty, but some of the fabrics were so sheer that when I fused them onto the background, they were hardly visible!  This made for quite a challenge trying to add stitching by machine or by hand.  I've used several different threads and the combination of machine and hand stitching has made for a nice variety.  Here's another sneak peek:

I hope to have these all done soon, not just because of my looming deadline, but because I want to get on to the next part of the piece which includes warmer colors!  Maybe by then we'll actually have some crocuses and snowdrops blooming...

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