Monday, July 30, 2012

A Mixed-Media Experiment WIP

 Last week, I came across this gift bag at the library, which someone had left behind.  I liked the pattern on it immediately, and decided to use it in a mixed-media experiment.  I've always wanted to try some of the layered, mixed-media pieces described in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, and this found paper seemed like the perfect material for a first layer.  I took it home, cut it to fit onto a 12"x 12" stretched canvas, and used gel medium to adhere it on.  Then I painted over it with a thin layer of gesso, toweling some of it off to allow the pattern on the bag to show through.   Next, I used a natural sea sponge and some acrylic paints (thinned with water) in shades of sky blue, pale green, and yellow to add some background color.    Unfortunately, that step, which I neglected to photograph, covered up most of the original bag pattern underneath - oh, well - but I kept going.  I used real leaves and various shades of green acrylic paint to make prints in the right upper and lower corners.  Then I cut some discarded wallpaper samples to make a tree trunk and branches.  I used the gel medium to glue that on, and Mod Podge to glue some leaf-printed tissue paper over the thinner branches.  This is how it looks now:
I tinted some scrapbook paper a barn red color, and stamped on it with a music stamp, then cut out a birdhouse shape.  I used the original printed gift bag paper for the roof.  Now I need to add some birds and some more leaves - maybe I'll use fabric for those to give it more textural interest and dimension.  So far, so good...

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Vivien Zepf said...

Very cool -- you're really branching out!