Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Renga Layer

 When my FANE group met a few Thursdays ago, we swapped our renga fat quarters again.  I received the piece above, which has two design layers on it already.  The originator of the piece monoprinted with lace in the lavender gel inks and the next person added the bold red and gold lines and circles with a stencil.  You can see a little more of the original lace texture in the close-up below (click on the picture to enlarge it).

 At first I thought of printing on some yellow circles here and there, but I was hesitant to add another color.  Instead, I decided to soften everything by doing more printing with lace.  I mixed white acrylic paint with a fabric medium and spread it out on an acrylic plate.  Then I lay a scrap of curtain lace in the paint and used it to print on top of the other two layers.

 I covered the lace with a piece of scrap paper and rubbed it smooth to ensure a good print.  Below is a close-up of the results...
and this is what the whole cloth looks like now.   It will get one more layer before it goes back to the original artist.  Hope she likes it!

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norma said...

What a great idea! I love the lace printing.