Friday, July 13, 2012

Morning Glory

 Morning is my favorite time of day.  The day stretches out ahead with all kinds of possibilities and my energy level is always highest then.  I usually get outside with Cassie first thing, and we walk around the yard for a short while before we take our morning jog-walk.  This morning I was up especially early, before the alarm and even before Cassie.  I took advantage of feeling wide awake two hours ahead of schedule, so I crept downstairs to play with some art supplies.  I have to work my first Saturday at the library tomorrow (I love my job, but a Saturday???? In July????), so I thought I'd seize the moment and get in some creative time while the house was quiet.

Since I had already cut a few prayer-flag-sized rectangles and had them laying on the table, I decided to stitch up another one.  This time I used the sewing machine as well as a variety of scraps.  With all the green everywhere all around us this time of year, I decided to work with various shades to spell out the word "life."  It's so easy to take all forms of life for granted, so I thought this flag would be a little reminder about what a miracle life really is, from the littlest green bug to the tallest trees to the complexity of a human being.  So here is my prayer flag for Life.
 Now I have two hanging over my (somewhat bedraggled) collection of potted herbs.  I'll try to do one a week for the summer, so I can fill up the whole line!
While I was out with Cassie, I couldn't help but admire the gorgeous lilies that have burst into bloom this week.  Their color is just brilliant, even in the dimness of early dawn, and their perfume just fills the air.   What's even more miraculous about these, and gives me another opportunity to pause with awe over the miracle of life, is that I never planted these!  I'm not sure where they came from - maybe a neighbor's plant produced seeds that settled here behind the deck?  Wherever they came from, they sure are beautiful!  
 Here's a close-up:

Hope your morning (and day) is glorious!

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