Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Two Adventurers

This morning my two oldest went off on a two-day, two-night hike on the Appalachian Trail as part of Adventure Week at a nearby Outdoor Education camp.  They were very excited as they packed up their backpacks with clothes, sleeping bags, bug spray and plenty of water!  They are each carrying a 2-liter water bladder with a hose attachment as well as two additional liters of water, as the forecast is for extreme heat and humidity today.  They have only a short hike today, but a longer one tomorrow, when the weather will (hopefully) be cooler and drier.  Right now I hear some thunder in the distance - they each have a rain poncho to cover themselves and their backpacks, but with this heat, they'll probably welcome the cooling rain!
 Here they are at the drop-off site this morning.  It was already beginning to get uncomfortable standing in the sun.  One of the group leaders said the air would feel cooler once they head onto the trail, which was very shady.  Let's hope that's true!
I was kind of looking forward to a couple of days with less activity around the house (chauffering, cooking, laundry, etc) but now that they're gone, the house seems very quiet and I can't help wondering how they're making out in all this heat...  (I'm sure they're fine and having a great time discovering the wonders of nature with all their other teenaged friends, right?  Of course they are!)

UPDATE:  About 3 pm yesterday, the camp director called to say they were canceling the overnight because the weather report changed from "scattered thundershowers" to "severe weather" so the girls got to come home, shower, and spend another night in their own beds before heading back out to the wilderness this morning!  I am so glad that oppressive heat is gone and I'm sure they'll have a great time camping out tonight!

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norma said...

Your daughters look so much like you. I hope they didn't get caught in those terrible storms yesterday.