Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More May Showers

Yesterday was another very wet day.  I only work at the library until noon on Mondays and I usually end up spending the early afternoon running errands.  But yesterday I left Cassie outside and it started to pour, torrents of rain, buckets of rain, miles and piles of rain!  I did my three most necessary errands as quickly as possible and rushed home to let her in and towel her off.  She seemed very glad to see me!

After all that wet, I was in the mood for a hot lunch.  I dug out some zucchini I've had in the fridge and fixed a little hot, low-cal, vegetarian Italian meal.  The girls are not wild about zucchini or stewed tomatoes, so I get to enjoy the leftovers the rest of the week!

While I was using up produce, I spied these bananas way past their prime in the fruit bowl.  Maybe some low-fat muffins would be good on a wet day!  I found a nice healthy recipe here and went to work.  The recipe calls for egg whites as well as a whole egg, and I always feel like it's a waste throwing away half the egg.  I had just picked up a small carton of homogenized egg whites on my errands, so I used those.  Perfect timing!  The recipe also calls for applesauce, old fashioned oats, walnuts, cinnamon, whole wheat and unbleached flour. 

I decided to add mini chocolate chips too, for a little extra yumminess.  Here's how they turned out:
They were delcious!  I ended up eating three (!) and then taking it easy the rest of the afternoon.  Rainy days are good for reading and napping!

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