Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Highlights from NSQG show

Here are a few more pictures from the World of Quilts show last weekend in Somers.  Above is a beautifully detailed bedquilt.  The embroidery and hand quilting were just exquisite, as you can see in the detail shot below.  It must've truly been a labor of love - I think it was made by a grandmother and mother for a daughter.

There were also several award-winning pieces by a former FANE member, Debbie Bein.  I think the one below is from her "Roots" series.
 This one was very interesting to look at and may have won "best of show" (it had 3 ribbons hanging near it, but I only had an hour to go through the whole show, I was in such a hurry, I didn't get the details!).  It's titled "Oh Say, Can You Cell."  Her works often have a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, but also have a lot of textural detail that is interesting to look at. This one was given the founder's award at the Infinity Art Gallery's "Lay of the Land" show.  Click here to read more.
 Here is another of Debbie's award-winning abstract quilts.
 From down one of the rows of quilts, this one of a peacock caught my eye.  I think I've seen it in publications such as Quilting Arts magazine and on the cover of a book, possibly.
Upon closer inspection, I found that the artist is Barbara Barrick McKie and she uses images manipulated in Photoshop as a tool to create these pieces.  The stitchwork was amazing, as you can see below.

 Very impressive!  Apparently, Barbara is giving a talk at the next NSQG meeting on the 15th!

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