Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cassie's 3rd Birthday

 Yesterday was Cassie's 3rd Birthday!  For a fun change of pace, I walked her to one of her favorite places early Friday morning:  Lake Casse beach.  The beach juts out into the water and is fenced off on one side, so it's pretty safe letting her off the leash to run and roam.  This time of year there are not a lot of people around and she's able to frolic, splash, and play.  (I always have some treats in my pocket to entice her to come if I need to get her back on the leash.) The morning was sunny and a bit crisp, just beautiful!  I didn't have my camera with me, but I had my phone and was able to snap these shots.

We found this beautiful spot off to one side where these irises are in bloom.  It was a perfect Spring morning.  Happy Birthday, Cassie!


norma said...

What a beautiful spot! It looks like Cassie had a great birthday, thanks to you.
'm going to try those banana muffins next time I have a an over rip banana.

norma said...

Proof read, proof read! How could I have three typos in such a short space? Sorry!