Sunday, May 13, 2012

Charming Around Again!

 Last week I mailed in my charms for the "feather your nest" swap.  In addition to the shrink film bird houses I made in April, I also made a bunch of these out of polymer clay.  They were a little labor-intensive, but I find it's relaxing to just sit and work with my hands for a little while each day.  I made the little birds separately and attached them with a small chain, as you can see.  Aren't they cute?

So ever since I finished my large totem piece and now that the two shows are over, I have a break in the action!  It's very nice not to be committed to any large projects with deadlines for a while!  But I couldn't resist signing up for another swap, this one black & white with silver findings.  The first thing that came to mind was cookies:
 They should be a big hit!  I made 11 of those, and 11 of each of the two styles below.  The top row has a shrink film dangle at the bottom.  I used the black film with a white marker.  The marker looks kind of pale when it goes on, but after it shrinks, it darkens up a bit.  I did a kind of abstract Greek-key type of design all over a piece of the film and then cut it up into random rectangular shapes.   For the hearts, I played with a new stamp I bought recently.  I'll mail these out soon and look forward to the returns and putting together a black, white, and silver bracelet or necklace.
Speaking of necklace, that's what I made with the "springtime in Paris" charms.  All the returns were really beautiful and well made little works of art!  Some were large or heavier than I'd like to have on a bracelet, so I hung them on this gunmetal chain as a necklace.  I may still play with the placement of the charms to spread them out more so each one can be seen.  Tah-dah! A Mother's Day gift for myself!
Hope everyone had a lovely, fun, relaxing day!  It's nice to be appreciated once in a while, isn't it?

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Love the Oreos... who wouldn't?