Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fading Summer

Once again, summer seems to have passed in a blur.  One day, I'm wondering how I'll survive the heat, the crazy schedules (or lack thereof), and the extra doses of "togetherness," and it seems like only a few short weeks later, it's almost over.   The flowers are fading, vacations are memories, and back-to-school shopping is on everyone's agenda.  While I look forward to the return of a normal schedule and the cooler, crisper days of September, I always hate to see summer end.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our recent vacation -
First, the beach:

Then on to Hershey, PA

Making our own personal candy bars at Hershey's World of Chocolate
 Did you know there are also Hershey Gardens near the hotel?  Even the girls were impressed with the roses which came in so many beautiful hues:

They also have one of those covered butterfly gardens.  The flutter of all those wings makes those places seem enchanted.

As a grand finale, the whole family attended a concert by Owl City on our last evening out.  It was a fun way to end the summer!  (If you're not familiar with Adam Young and his fun, upbeat music, check out this fun Youtube video clip:  

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Norma Schlager said...

As much as I love September, and I do love September, it's always hard to see the summer end. It just whizzes by and it seems to go faster every year.