Sunday, August 18, 2013

ArtQuilt Gallery Show

Yesterday, FANE took a field trip into NYC to visit our show at the ArtQuilt Gallery on W. 25th Street.  The kimono-inspired quilts looked so colorful, unusual, and compelling from the street, we couldn't wait to get inside and get a closer look!

The show was hung beautifully, with most pieces on the walls and some on stands on the floor.  Each one was given ample space so viewers could admire the workmanship and details.   Most people remarked on how varied they were in color and construction, despite them all being the same basic shape and size.  They are as individual as the artists who created them!

Below are some more group shots...

... and one of my own!  It was difficult for me to get a good photo of this at home, because I don't have an adequate place to hang and light it, so I had to get a good shot here.

The City Quilter is also a great fabric shop, so when we were finished photographing and congratulating each other, we had time to look around at all the beautiful eye candy!

So much gorgeous color and texture everywhere!

So many fun things to touch and admire!

Of course, I couldn't completely resist temptation and did go home with a few swatches of hand-dyed wool fabric from this display, in beautiful fall colors.

Ten of us enjoyed a late lunch together afterwards.  It was great to get out and celebrate together!  If you're in the NY area, don't miss the show, which runs through the end of August.
Jane D'Avila, Fran Osinoff, Joyce Sullivan, and Carolyn Spiegel


Vivien Zepf said...

Great pictures of a very fun day!

Norma Schlager said...

Great review, Cindy, and great pictures. I haven't had a chance to get mine up on my blog yet.