Saturday, September 10, 2011

In My Own Backyard

After a busy week of work both in the library and at home, my youngest daughter and I decided to take a mini vacation right in our own backyard. We haven't used the kayaks all summer, so we trotted down to the lakeshore with our paddles, towels, PFDs, and a broom (to sweep out all the spiders and webs!), climbed in, and glided off onto the peaceful water.
Our lake is too small to allow any motorized vehicles, so it is always quiet enough for catching wildlife unawares. We saw turtles,
and water birds, including this great blue heron. We are able to get pretty close in our quiet kayaks. We paddled and drifted for less than an hour, but it was such a relaxing escape from our normally busy world.

After we climbed back up the hill and cleaned up, I opened this lovely package of goodies that arrived in the mail today from I can't wait to dive into them and start crafting some more charms and bracelets!

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