Sunday, September 18, 2011

FANE Artists' Reception

It was another great gathering of artists and friends at the annual Fiber Arts North East show and reception at the Mahopac Public Library yesterday afternoon! Above is a shot of the gallery hallway with some of the artwork, artists, and spirit flag display in the window. Following are some of the pieces from the show, the first two by Natalya Aikens (left) and Judy Gignesi.

These three (above, left to right) are by Ann Louise Lyman, MaryAnn Healy, and Carolyn Spiegel, and below we have works by Nike Cutsumpas, Carole Hoffman, and Norma Schlager.

The works above are by Vivien Zepf, Jane Davila, and Jamie Horikawa, and the ones below are by Fran Osinoff, Gail Ellspermann, and Barbara Drillick.
I think the whole show was fabulous, with each piece standing out against the cork walls on its white canvas, and the dramatic and intense colors chosen by each artist. I haven't displayed all the pieces here - the ones hung horizontally were photographed individually so I'll save those for the next post. Below are some of my very favorites:
"Black Magic" by Nancy Mirman, "The View From and Old Church Window onto 4o Shades of Green" by MaryAnn Healy, and "A Magical Moment in Magenta" by Ann Louise Lyman.

I also loved "Teal Trio" by Judy Gignesi.

In addition to each artists' piece, Joyce Sullivan displayed the 4"x4" pieces we swapped in 2009. They looked great displayed this way, and filled the perfect spot next to the elevator.

There was also an empty display case upstairs which we utilized to display our mixed-media houses. Don't they make an adorable village?

Here I am standing next to my piece, "Aquatic Exercise I: Waterfall".
Here's a view of the Community Room where we had a chance to sit and talk and enjoy some refreshments together. It was another great success for the FANE!

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