Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WIP Update

Here is my progress on the large coral piece so far... it's coming together nicely! I only tacked it together by lightly ironing some of the fusible webbing, so I can still make changes if I want to. I'm already seeing one area that I think needs some adjusting, but all in all, I'm liking the variety of fabrics and how the darker and lighter shades work with each other. I think I'm going to paint the background a watery aqua color and then add some colorful fish and other sea life. I'm also thinking of layering water-like sheers over the top of it all and quilting and embellishing it with metallic and other specialty threads. Wish I had more large blocks of time to work on it! Coincidentally, this year's theme of the Art Quilts Lowell show (at the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA) is The Sea. Even if this piece is not done in time, I have several other sea-themed things I could enter...

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