Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Down Time

The busy winter session of preschool programming has finished up, so this weekend I'm treating myself to some down time. On Friday (my one full day off), I spent a few hours working on the coral in the large piece I mentioned in the last post. It turns out, four orange fabrics were not quite enough. I found a few more in my stash, and altered some with inks and paints to make new lighter and darker shades. It's looking good, but requires a lot of concentration and is a bit tiring to work on for long periods of time. I took a break last night and today, by getting into Sara Gruen's latest, Ape House. I had loved Water for Elephants and Ape House is also very absorbing. It is set in modern times and is more suspenseful than WFE, so I finished it rather quickly. One of her main points in the book is how much like humans the bonobos are, and it makes you want to go to a zoo and observe apes and primates more closely. A great read, if you're looking for one - likable, believable characters, quick realistic dialogue, an intriguing plot.

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