Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Is it Thursday again?  Already?  I think I missed a couple of thankful posts - I find myself pretty much being thankful for the same things over and over again.  I guess that's a good thing, right?  Anyway, here's my list for today.
  1. Autumn:  These brisk sunny days just make you feel happy to be alive, don't they?  And autumn also means that Mallomars are back!  I'm trying not to eat too many...
  2. My job:  I can leave the house at 8:52 and make it to work before nine.  The job is varied, fun, and low-pressure - I get to sing, interact with families, and read great children's books aloud.  And I get paid for it!
  3. My husband:  I sure couldn't do this alone!  I'm glad he's here - every day!
  4. Creative time:  I feel fortunate that I'm able to work creativity into many areas of my life.  I'm not sure why this is so important to me, but my mind seems to need the stimulation and challenges that are required to be creative.  
  5. Relative Wealth:  I haven't recently won the lottery or anything, but relative to the rest of the world, I'm extremely fortunate.  This morning the house was warm, I had a hot shower, and electricity to make breakfast. That's a pretty good start.
What are you feeling thankful for?

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