Saturday, September 28, 2013

Garden Accessories

I couldn't resist ordering two more aceessories for the garden (which were on sale for the end of the season, and had free shipping of course!  Both came from  The first is the little mushroom stool you see in the foreground.  I found myself standing next to  the pond, leaning over to see and feed the fish.  Now I can sit there and watch them!  It's particularly nice as the sun is coming up as you can see in the photo.  The sun also lights up the mosaic gazing globe I chose.  It's covered in small pieces of blue and green glass and almost looks like a real globe.  You can gaze at it from either the bench or the stool and contemplate your place in the world (or pray for world peace!).  The bulbs I ordered should be coming next week, and once they're planted, we'll get ready to deal with the leaves (aghhh!).

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