Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Tour around the Garden

My new shade garden continues to bring me much pleasure on a daily basis, as Cassie and I start and end our days down there.  During our visits, I might spread a little mulch, add a new plant here or there, or rearrange some of the rocks lining the path.  There have been some setbacks too, as the pond has filled with muddy water three times in recent heavy downpours which necessitated complete emptying and refilling (luckily it's small).  Some of the plants have died back for the season (or died altogether, in case of a few annuals), and I had to return the solar pump I was so excited about.  It worked for about a month and then completely quit.  At least I got a refund from Amazon.

I recently moved the fern below from another spot in the yard.  I'll add more next spring.  I also ordered the little "mouse ears" hosta shown in the lower right of the photo below.  I picked up the colorful little dragonfly decoration at the Hershey Gardens. This area is on the border of the "fairy garden"...

...which is under and around the trunk of the great tulip tree.   I transplanted moss for a lawn, and added a path made of small ceramic tiles.  I bought the little fences and bench online, but fashioned the door and little well out of things collected in the yard.   I have to say, I am rather delighted with how it turned out.  It adds just the right touch of whimsy and magic, not to mention it's supposed to attract fairies, which will help keep everthing green and growing.  Now I just have to keep Cassie from grabbing the items, carrying them off, and chewing on them!

 The pond is still delightful to watch, even without my waterfall.  I did buy a couple of these "comet" fish, which supposedly can survive the winter in here (I'm still not sure if I'll risk it...).  I feed them goldfish food just about every day and they've kept the pond free of mosquito wigglers.

Occasionally, a frog wanders in for a little swim.  This afternoon I found this one resting on the stem of a lily pad.  Isn't he handsome?

I also transplanted this hosta from another spot in the yard.  I put it close to the bench, and decided to place this statue of two cute, cuddly kitties just beneath it.  The statue was a birthday gift from my two best buds at the library, Joan and Gail.  What a perfect gift!

The little flowering dogwood tree, below, was also a birthday gift.  I was going to transplant another little red maple (they are coming up everywhere) but thought something flowering would be nice, and dogwoods do well in this dappled sunlight.  It was a heck of a job moving the tree from the car into the ATV and then getting it into the hole (it must've weighed a couple hundred pounds) but Mark managed it!   It already looks at home here.  I can't wait to see it flowering next spring!

Finally, I added some edging along the left side of the garden where we had pulled out the 6x6 wooden beam border and incorported the tulip.  The new irregular shape looks more natural, and the edging should keep the grass from encroaching into the mulch.  

It certainly needs some more plants, but it's really come a long way in just a few months!  I have a few more things I'd like to plant this fall, including some bulbs, especially snowdrops and grape hyacinths.  I'm already looking forward to next spring!

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