Friday, December 30, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise!

When I checked my e-mail last night before bed, I saw one from a member of the Yahoo Art Charms group that I joined last month. I had sent in photos of the snowflake charms I had finished and was planning on mailing out soon. It turns out they chose one of the photos to be their header photo on the site for the week! You can visit the site (and join if you wish) by clicking here. As part of the swap, each charm is supposed to have a tag with the maker's name and e-mail address, so I tied mine onto tags as shown above. Now I'm finishing up the "All Hearts" charms I'm making so I can mail them out in time for the January 15th deadline. For once, I'm done early!

This is my 100th post for 2011! I think I'll end the year on this positive note and wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2012! See you next year!

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