Thursday, December 29, 2011

Light Holiday Reading

Earlier this month, I came across this title at the library and had to pick it up. I've recommended it to several dog-lover friends, including my neighbor Gail, and they've all enjoyed it. I even gave it to my sister, the dog groomer, for Christmas. If you love dogs and find yourself wondering what they're thinking, you'd probably enjoy this book (although sometimes I think we personify dogs and exaggerate their ability to actually "think."). It is a touching, memorable story and one worth reading.

After I finished reading that, I kept finding other books I wanted to read, so I borrowed them all! First was Brian Selznick's latest Juvenile fiction novel titled "Wonder Struck." Brian Selznick is the Caldecott-award winning author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret which was recently released as the film Hugo. It's told through both intricate pencil drawings and text, as is this book. Both are full of layers of meaning, as well as being interesting and captivating to read.I also started Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book which won the Newbery last year, but I wasn't able to get through it. It's about a boy raised in a graveyard by ghosts and other spooks and although it was well written, it just didn't hold my interest. Neil Gaiman also wrote Coraline, which I found a little spooky as well. Hopefully I'll get onto Wicked, Beauty Queens, and these others sometime this week or in January.
Finally, I couldn't resist checking out these two books by Ruth Rae, one about fabric collage and one about charms. I've looked through them quickly, but I'd like to spend some more time going over them more slowly to see what new and different ideas she has that I might be able to apply to my collages and charm. Once all the holiday happenings slow down, I'll be able to get back into the creative swing of things. Meanwhile, it's 5:40 and I'd better get dinner started!

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Working in a library must be so tempting.