Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Here are some of the outdoor decorations we managed to get up this weekend. First, the wreath on the door and the little evergreen trees in the window boxes.
I bought some fancy new lights this year. These come in strings of 10 snowflakes, so I got 2 strings. They add just the right sparkle to Alana's little apple tree (notice it's been propped up since that Halloween snowstorm pushed it over).
I also got the pine roping and ran it around the front door and down the railing. I just love how welcoming it looks.
But I think my favorite part is this Colorado blue spruce which we planted when my oldest was born (she's a Christmas baby!). It gets taller every year and I considered leaving it undecorated this year but my dear husband tackled the job and I must say, he got a touchdown on this one. It looks better than ever!
I'm glad we got our outdoor lights up so we get to enjoy them for the next several weeks. Soon we'll get moving on the indoor stuff...

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