Friday, January 21, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing?

This is our fourth snow day in the last 3 weeks! There are pros and cons to snow days. Is this too much of a good thing? I am on the fence about it. Now that we've used up the four snow days built into the school district's calendar, I fear we will pay for this in the spring when we'd really enjoy a day off to spend outside. But I am enjoying some of the good things about snow days: more sleeping in and reading, less rushing around and hurrying,

interesting things to look at, even in your own backyard,

and time to cook a hot breakfast!
Cassie definitely loves a good snow day. Her family is home, and often outside playing with her in the fluffy powder!
But the poor cats sit by the window waiting for spring!

Aside from the aching back from shoveling, and the feeling that we're going to pay for all this leisure time somewhere down the road, I am enjoying another day off. Perhaps it's because I started the day by reading Jon Scieszka's book Knucklehead. I brought it home for my 5th grade daughter, not sure she would really like it since it's about the author's memories of growing up in a family with six boys. Jon Scieszka is a very successful children's author and promoter of reading for all kids, especially boys. I figured the humor would be pretty juvenile, but I can honestly say I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I would recommend this book to anyone - I think I'm even going to pass a copy on to my father! The author has some very funny stories about summer vacations, long rides in the family station wagon, the teacher nuns at his Catholic school, and generally hilarious boyhood antics. If you have a boy of any age in your family, do him a favor and hand him this book!

Now I think I'll head down to the studio to stitch a few more snowflakes (I'm redoing the "December" sketch from my sketchbook - see it here). Maybe I am getting a bit tired of snow already, and we still have 2 more months of winter!

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Vivien Zepf said...

I'll have to go out and get that book! I just finished The Book Thief. Certainly nothing to laugh about, but beautifully written and an important story to read.