Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mid-month Thaw

I was feeling pretty good about getting two goals done by the middle of January, so I took a bit of a breather this weekend, while the icicles dripped outside. Rather than spend every free moment being goal-oriented, I laid back a little, tried to sleep in, went out for dinner and a movie date night, took an afternoon nap, and started reading a new juvenile fiction novel (Keeper by Kathi Appelt). It was nice to just relax a bit.

I did take on a quick project that desperately needed to be done. Below is a picture of my daughter's baby blankie. It's actually the replacement blankie I made for her seven years ago; my mother-in-law made the original tied crib quilt for her soon after she was born. That one had a whole flannel top cloth which was printed with little rosebuds all over for her middle name, Rose, and my mother-in-law stitched on little ribbon roses. I tried to replicate it as closely as I could and it's held up pretty well for seven years. She takes it everywhere, including vacations and sleepovers, so it has gotten extremely threadbare. It's so fragile now it can no longer be washed, and the backing fabric has almost completely torn away.I was planning on trying to refurbish it somehow, with a new backing, batting and binding, maybe even make a completely new quilt, but I couldn't find a similar flannel with little rosebuds printed on it, not even on the web, and I looked. I ended up buying plain white flannel and stamping little rosebuds and leaves on it and making a completely new quilt. I machine stitched a little quilting, rather than do the tying, because I think it will hold together better. But of course, even though she's got this replacement blankie to take with her everywhere, she can't give up the old one and it still needs to be repaired somehow! So now I've got to pick up some more white flannel and see if I can't stitch it up a little, at least well enough that it can be washed and kept under her pillow. At a glance, it really looks remarkable like her original one. I'll have to pick up some ribbon roses too...

I also played around with some of my canvas "sketches," the ones I'm supposed to do weekly. I should have two completely finished by now, and I have painted backgrounds and played around a bit, but no stitching has been done... maybe by next post.

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