Monday, November 8, 2010


This morning we were surprised by a little unexpected winter weather! The forecast did call for chance of snow showers, but I wasn't expecting it to actually collect on some of the colder surfaces. Our mums look like they wish they had flown south with the robins! We do occasionally get snow before Thanksgiving, sometimes even before Halloween, so it's not completely unheard of.
Guess I'd better get these leaves raked up soon! Maybe it'll warm up a little next weekend...

Since it was such lousy weather, Cassie spent the day indoors. Rough life!

This weekend I didn't get to the raking because I spent both days chauffeuring my oldest daughter to two cheerleading competitions. She joined cheerleading only last year, but her team has never even placed in any of the competitions they've taken part in. Here is a shot of her team yesterday. Right before this, her "flyer," the girl they are holding up, fell and bumped Sarah's nose on the way down. Her nose started bleeding, but she didn't realize it and just continued until the routine was finished. She cleaned herself up afterwards (it really wasn't that bad) and was rewarded for her perseverance.
Their team finally placed! Here they are celebrating with their third place trophy. Sarah was chosen by the coach to go up and accept it, being she was such a trooper during the routine. She was thrilled, as was the whole team for finally getting some recognition for all their hard work since August. Did you know cheerleading has one of the highest injury rates among high school sports?

Since I only worked a half day today, I was able to spend the cold afternoon hours doing some creative work. Here are six more bookmarks I've finished, so now I have more than a dozen. I decided to make some of them in holiday colors, and some in more everyday colors, so potential customers will have a variety to choose from. I also opted to simply print my contact information like a return address label, cut them up, and glue them to the back. I think it's sufficient. I haven't heard from the Art Council yet, but I still have a few cards I haven't played... I'd really like to give these a chance!

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Vivien Zepf said...

Congratulations to your daughter and her team! That's very exciting.