Monday, November 1, 2010

All Over But the Shouting...

Another Halloween has come and gone. Here are the pumpkins the girls carved this weekend. They looked quite cheerfully spooky on our doorstep last night.

Along with the celebrations and candy eating, we were busy painting... that's right, the bathroom is finally finished! Ta-dah!

Here is the(almost) completed look, with new towel hooks and lighting installed. The mirror really makes the room look brighter and larger, and has lots of storage space for all the girls' bathroom necessities. They each have one mirror panel and a drawer, with one extra drawer for assorted things. Let's hope we are able to keep it clean and organized (that seems to be my mission in life - getting it all clean and organized! I'm fighting entropy and sometimes I wonder why I even bother!)

But we're very happy with the results, and after we put on the drawer hardware and hang some art, it will be absolutely and completely done! For comparison, check out the before picture by clicking here. As you can see, we left the border of printed leaves I did when we first moved in, but the floor, mirror, toilet, area rugs, countertop with double sink, and vanity are all new. Yay!

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