Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend in a nutshell

I just finished this postcard to swap in "The Great Big Stitched Post Card Swap" sponsored by Beth Nicholls. I received the address of the person this will go to - she lives in southern Australia! I hope it gets there in one piece! The theme of the swap was "time" so I stitched on the words "time and tide wait for no one." According to Google maps, she only lives a few blocks from the ocean, so I hope she likes the wave imagery. (I'll have to figure out how much postage this will need.)

Last night we went out to see Toy Story 3 for Father's Day. (My husband loves the Toy Story movies. He has all these deep theories about how the role parents play in their kids' lives parallel the toys in the story, and that eventually our kids will no longer need us, just like Andy no longer needs Woody and Buzz.) The movie did not disappoint. The characters are as charming as ever and there are lots of laugh-out-loud moments and plot twists that keep you engrossed. My favorite scenes involve Buzz Lightyear in Spanish mode (hilarious!). If you like the Toy Story movies and are in the mood for something light and fun, I would highly recommend it.

We have been having some beautiful summer weather so Friday evening we brought some pizza down to our little beach. Cassie and the girls had a great time playing in the water together. Cassie is an excellent swimmer.

Of course, after she is thoroughly soaked through, her favorite thing to do (next to eating every scrap of food she can find on the ground) is to dig! Here she is getting completely sandy. She always needs a good hosing after we get home.

One final (funny) note; I decided to leave Cassie out while I was away at work one day last week. When I got home, I noticed the little statue we have on the front step had been altered slightly! Too bad - My husband picked that out especially because it reminded him of himself and his three daughters. Now two of them are headless! Crazy dog!

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