Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taking our show on the Road!

Here I am with my two colleagues from the Youth Services Dept. of the Mahopac Public Library. This week we're visiting all the local elementary schools to promote the library's summer reading programs. Don't we look cute? The theme this year is "Make a Splash" so we incorporated that into our presentation with palm trees, snorkeling gear, and fishing poles. In between our school presentations, I've been planning the crafts, jewelry-making and cooking classes I'll be co-leading this summer. I have lots of fun things planned so if you're a Mahopac resident with elementary-age kids, come down and check it out!

Doesn't Joan look relaxed in her beach chair? She's waiting for our audience to arrive and settle down. The kids really seemed to enjoy the program. We ran it like a game show called "Name that Book." Joan read off clues to a book and Gail and I were the contestants. We got help from the students to name each book and were threatened with a bucket of water if we got it wrong. What we didn't anticipate was that many of the kids would have loved to see either one of us get a bucket of water dumped on our heads, so they were chanting things like "dump it!" and "get wet!" Some of them even tried to give us the wrong answers intentionally! We finish up on Friday at the Kindergarten school. I bet the little ones will be much less rambunctious!

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