Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Lovely Opening

A great ending to a great day and a great weekend! The reception was well-attended, and there were plenty of refreshments to go around. It was fun to mingle and talk shop with all the other artists (we don't get a chance to chat much at our monthly meetings so this was a real treat).

Mounted on the white canvases and hung on the brown cork walls, the art really stood out. It was fun to watch family and friends go from piece to piece discussing everything from use of color to subject matter, techniques, and materials. It was also exciting to see the artwork of the other group members. Check out the FiberArt Northeast blog listed in the sidebar for some better shots of individual pieces.

I brought fruit and fresh flowers for the tables. Below is my daughter enjoying the color and aroma of our own homegrown roses (a climbing variety called "Don Juan" that we've had a lot of success with).

I'm so glad I get to walk past all this beautiful art on my way to lunch every day at work this month!

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