Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Print!

Do you recognize that cute little pendant with the fish on it on the bottom of page 85 in the latest (July/August) issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine? Yep, that's mine! I kind of had a feeling about that pendant, just thought it might be cute enough to make the cut, and I was right! Feels good to know that someone else thinks enough of something you created to put it in print. (Click here to see it as I originally posted it). AND, since I made four other similar ones, maybe it's time for me to put them up for sale at an ETSY shop! It would be a great summer item... Now I just have to find the TIME!!!!!
The magazine announced a new challenge in this issue: A mixed-media mini book! I will probably enter my little "April Showers" book from last spring. If you'd like to see it and you haven't, click here. (I kind of have a good feeling about that one too...)
There is another article in this issue, the second in a series of three by Dawn Devries Sokol called "Art Journaling: Pages in Stages." In the first article, she talks about her difficulty getting started art journaling and then outlines steps she used to help her get over that difficulty. The first step was to paint the pages, the second step, discussed in this article, is adding collage elements such as text or pictures from magazines, rubber stamps, ink blotches, crayon lines etc. Maybe I can use some of her tips to help me get started on my Sketchbook. Busy, busy, busy!

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