Monday, January 18, 2010

Having some fun now!

As you can see, I persevered on the fabric mosaic and I'm quite pleasantly surprised! I like how the small scraps of fabrics are in a variety of shades of green and blue, which seem to lend a sense of vibration. Kind of a pointilism, impressionistic kind of thing going on maybe. The little pieces are fused down, but must be stitched for security, so I tried to make the stitching imitate the air or grass, which maybe gives the piece more motion, detail and interest. I have yet to do stitching on the tree trunk and leaves. I like the way they come forward a little now, because of all the quilting behind them, so I'm not sure how I'll proceed, maybe by hand instead of machine. I kind of like this style/technique; too bad it's so time consuming and tedious to cut and arrange all those little scraps!

Another project I did purely for fun was crafting this little purple felt purse. I love rick-rack and had fun doing the embellishing and decoration first and then quickly stitching up the sides. I also like the daisy button closure. It was fun going through my stash of ribbons, buttons and rick-rack. Maybe I'll give it to one of my neices for a birthday present...
Finally, a third fun thing I did recently was visiting the blog of Grace Lin. She is a children's author and illustrator who began her career with picture books but has written three middle-grade novels in the past few years. I just finished reading The Year of the Dog, her first, which was quite enjoyable and fun, but her most recent, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon just became a Newbery Honor book this morning! I'll have to scout that one out at the library. More fun!


Nancy Cusumano said...

You are amazin!

Vivien said...

Wow, I'm very impressed with your mosaic. It's lovely. The colors are great and I agree that the zigzag stitch is perfect to evoke the feeling of grass. I'll bet you'd enjoy this more if it wasn't so small -- then you could cut the pieces a bit larger! I hope you'll do something like this again; I'm curious to see what you'll do.

As for the book, I'm going to have to check it out. Morgan loved her first book, so I'm off to see if I can find the next.