Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Are we having fun yet?"

This is Sophie, Cassie's best friend from next door. Cute, huh?

Yesterday, after making two trips to the vet with the cats (we only have one carrier), I decided to treat myself to an outing at the fabric store. I couldn't resist the softness and colors of the lovely fleece below. Do I usually use fleece for for fiberart? Nnoo, but, it was just so soft and yummy looking! I've been planning on playing with some fleece and coming up with some characters similar to the "ugly dolls" that are sold in toy and specialty stores now. But these will not be ugly dolls, they will be squishy dolls or cutie dolls or something like that. Buying the fabric was fun, and I think playing with it and making stuffies will be fun too!

One of my character flaws (I'm discovering) is that I have SOOO many project ideas I want to try, and I go to the fabric store so infrequently, that when I go, I have to buy with several projects in mind. Then I come home not knowing which one to take on first or where to begin! Sew many projects, so little time!! That said, I also picked up the swatches below, with the idea of making a duvet cover for our bed. We recently painted the walls and installed new lighting and I will be ordering new carpeting this week. I think a new duvet cover would be in order, but I can never find any that I like. I actually ordered 2 yards of something not pictured here (all home decor fabrics were 50% off,!!! Even special order!!!) so when that comes in, I will have another large piece to work on (I generally avoid large pieces when I can, but I will try to keep this simple).

Speaking of small projects, I started this little (~5"x5") piece last week when I was trying to play more and have fun. It was fun for a little while, but then all those little pieces started to get tedious to deal with. I do like the effect of the mosaic using fabric, and I do plan on completing this, but it is already becoming not-so-much-fun. As I said before, "sew many ideas, so little time!!!!" Sometimes I even have trouble finishing the little projects!

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