Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An added goal?

I am considering taking on a new personal challenge. I've always said I wanted to write, or write and illustrate, a children's picture book. I've written and sent out a couple (with some nibbles but no bites) and have plenty of ideas for others, but have been looking for just the right project for me and my current (busy) life.
My idea is a book of poems and collages, one for each month of the year. The title would be something along the lines of "A Year of Color" or "A Colorful Year." I have always thought of the calendar year in terms of colors; each month seems to have particular hues associated with it (is that just me, or does everyone picture months and seasons this way?). If I could write one poem and do one corresponding collage per month this year, by the end of the year, I might have my book. Poetry is not typically a big seller, but I think this might be worth the risk. Dare I take on this ambitious challenge?
Here is my first attempt at a poem for January:

January's wintry light
shines on every shade of white,
from dazzling pure to pearly gray,
the twilight of a snowy day,
the silver sheen of icy lake,
the sparkle of a crisp snowflake.
A clean, fresh start, the chance to seize
a year of possibilities.
Through new-fallen snow, the path is clear:
Start anew - January's here.

Now all I have to do is make a lacy white collage to go with it - in the next ten days!!!!


Vivien said...

Excellent idea! This really is a wonderful poem and very evocative; can't wait to see the artwork that goes with it. Out of curiosity, what age group are you

Cindy said...

Vivien, that's kind of a tricky question! Most picture books are geared towards 2nd grade and under, but poetry may be an exception to that, so this might possibly reach 3-5th graders as well. I'm hoping that the combo of poems and collage will at least pique a publisher's interest!