Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Watching Icicles Grow

... and birds eat!

It's another snowy day here and I will probably be spending it indoors doing these quiet, slow types of things - nothing very thrilling, but the perfect time to get them done.  My youngest daughter and I are alone here for the day, keeping ourselves busy.  She's been wanting to redecorate her room, so on Friday, we picked up paint, rollers, stirrers and everything we could need to get the job done.  But FIRST, we need to peel the border off the walls - and I can't think of anything slower, more tedious, or less fun!  We are taking turns and slowly but surely making progress around the room.  Today would be the perfect day to get the majority of it done so maybe we can paint over the coming weekend.

I have been able to slip some creative tasks into the tedium, including putting together this bracelet for a special friend of my daughters' who is celebrating her 16th birthday.  I made only some of these charms and others came by way of a swap last year.  I toyed with adding some color to the black and white theme, or even adding purple accents for her amythest birthstone, but decided sticking with black and white would be best, especially considering the time constraints we were under.  I'm happy with the results, and so was she!

And finally, I've been adding some hand quilting to my "Tuscan Window" piece as you see below.  I decided the small pieces of upholstery fabric would be too delicate to stitch with the machine, so I've been slowly adding detail and security at the same time by hand.  It's almost ready to put in the window-shaped frame and finished, so I can get on to the next project...

How have you been passing the time, this long, cold winter?

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Norma Schlager said...

I am loving your Tuscan Window. that hand stitching is just what it needs.