Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's about TIME...

We are back from Firenze, and everything was breathtaking, from the classic Tuscan landscapes to the old stone buildings, traditional piazzas and Renaissance art.   If I had to choose a theme for the trip it would have to be TIME:  the time it took to travel overseas (which seemed long to us, but was really miraculous in comparison to how long it took my grandmother to get here about 100 years ago), the time required to build the catherdrals, castles, and medieval towns, the effect time has had on these ancient buildings, even the time it takes to age chianti or make fresh pasta.  Evidence of the passage of time is everywhere, so I've chosen a few photos to share with that theme...  (Click on any photo to enlarge it for a better view).

I'm so grateful that we took the time to venture out on this amazing trip together; now we have a treasure trove of memories (and photo inspiration!) to last a lifetime!

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norma said...

Beautiful pictures! Lots of quilt inspiration for sure.