Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pushing Through to Spring

The weather continues to be very wintery, gray and decidedly unmotivating!  Even though the lake is beginning to melt and the geese and robins are back, I still feel like crawling under a blanket with a good book whenever I get the chance.  Today I felt like I might be fighting off the cold that two of my daughters had last month, so I spent the day in my PJs, catching up on reading and rest.  I figured I'd better do it today, before Monday comes and I'm off and running again...

But I survived the Dr. Oz Detox diet (with some major modifications).  I have a pretty healthy diet, but my sweettooth is my weakness, and I realized I go to the sweets for lots of reasons other than hunger.  One thing I noticied about living on fruits, veggies, and nuts for a few days is that I didn't crave junk.  I also didn't get those energy swings they say you get from refined sugar.  It made me more mindful and aware of what I put in my mouth and I already found myself coming up with healthier lighter meals and snacking choices this weekend. But I also enjoyed eating hot food again!  Maybe living on smoothies is better left for warmer weather.  

Despite my malaise today, I felt energetic through Saturday.  In addition to stitching away on my "Nothing Gold Can Stay" piece, I spent some time housecleaning and some time arranging the new display shelves downstairs with my DH.  We had  taken these shelves down when we enlarged daughter #2's downstairs bedroom, and just got them back up.  It was fun going through all the old photos and vacation souvenirs and arranging them on the wall. We still have some more work to complete down there, including putting up molding and adding another bathroom.  One day at a time...

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