Sunday, March 24, 2013

Altering Fabrics

For the piece I'm working on now, the "kimono," I wanted a range of yellow and green fabrics, and some with a little of both.  I pulled some from my stash, bought a couple more, and altered some others to get even more choices.  Above, I had this nice leaf batik with a pale ivory background.  I dyed a section of it with yellow acrylic inks mixed with water to get the piece on the right.

Below, I picked up these two commercial fabrics that looked almost hand-dyed.  They had some nice color variations, but I wanted a little more texture.  I stamped them with two different commercial stamps and acrylic paints.

This piece of sage green fabric had almost a flocked texture, with this swirl pattern etched into it.  I wanted it to have more yellow, so I painted in the swirls on one section with yellow acrylic paints.

The piece below is some sheer man-made fabric.  I knew it wouldn't take paint or ink very well, so I added some yellow stitching in wavy lines.

Here's another peek at the piece in progress with some of the stamped, painted and stitched fabrics.  So far I like the way it's coming along...

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Vivien Zepf said...

Very cool, Cindy! Treetops? Underwater? Inquiring minds want to know!