Friday, November 2, 2012

A Test of Endurance

Well, I don't want to complain, seeing as so many people are in worse situations than we are, but the water in the tub is gone, the ice we froze for the freezer is melting, the cookies are a distant memory, the  fridge is too warm and the house is too cold!  After spending most of the last four days at the library recharging our batteries, warming up, and refreezing water bottles, I've about had it!  We packed up this afternoon and headed for warmer climes (Allentown, PA, that is, to Mimi and Pop's).  They got their power back yesterday or the day before and ours is not scheduled to come back on until Sunday at 11 pm.  I managed to find a gas station with only a minimal wait (20 min, although the prices suddenly jumped 40 cents per gallon!), topped off the car and headed out.  I am looking forward to sleeping the night through without my face, fingers, and toes being cold, as well as using a flush toilet, watching a little TV, and having a hot shower in the morning!  Hope you are all well...

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