Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romantic Country Wedding

 Last weekend we attended a lovely wedding - that of my older sister.  Since it was a second marriage for them both and because they wanted to keep things simple, they made it a casual affair and held it in the restored barn of a good friend.  All the guests brought a dish and some of her best friends took care of all the set-up and clean-up.  It was a truly memorable, old-fashioned kind of wedding!

This is the inside of the barn all set up with tables.  The four barn doors were open, which created a beautiful, wholesome light, as well as allowing cool breezes to waft through.  Prior to this arrangement, seats were set in an arc as the happy couple made their vows.

Here is the building from the outside.  Entertainment for the kids was the good old-fashioned kind:  red wagons,  

. . .  wooden swings,

. . . admiring nature,

. . . and eating cake while sitting on the cool grass!

Even my sister's dogs were part of the action!  Doesn't Summer look sweet in her flowered collar-wreath? 
It was a true celebration of life, love, and family.  I think it reminded us all of what is truly important in life.

Note:  All above photos of the children playing were taken by my daughter, Chelsea!  Doesn't she have a unique way of capturing the action?  I love how those shots capture the motion and playfulness of the children!

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norma said...

It looks like a wonderful day. You and your sister look so much alike.