Monday, June 25, 2012

Renga Layer Added

Now that my studio is all clean and tidy, I had time to dig out some acrylic paint and add a layer onto the fabric I received in our FANE group Renga.  I went with my original idea, which was to echo the circles Carolyn already started using silver paint.  I dipped cans of various sizes into the paint to print the circles in a random way.  I had to really stop myself from going overboard, as two more people will have to add more layers on top of this.  I hope I succeeded!  Here's a close-up of one section.  The inks Carolyn used have a little bit of glimmer to them, so I think the silver works well with that and the original color scheme.  On July 12th, I get to pass this onto the next person in the group, I receive another piece that already has two layers on it, and I get to see how my piece of fabric is progressing!

Also, in the process of cleaning and finishing up miscellaneous projects, I finally hung my totem!  We have a high ceiling in the entryway which is really the only place it will fit, so I coaxed my Dear Husband up on a ladder and he kindly hung it for me.  Here are a couple of shots so you can see how it looks:
 There is other art in the entryway, some of it mine, some created by the girls, so it's a good spot for it.  In this shot I'm standing in the living room near the piano, so it's visible from there.  I wonder what people coming to the house will say about it...

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norma said...

I like what you've done to the Renga and your totem looks great hanging in your home. I have mine hanging in an upstairs hallway, where it goes ceiling to floor.