Friday, October 14, 2011

Trying to Add Inventory

Now that I have an Etsy shop, I'm trying to add items to sell! I've read that you're better off adding one new item per day rather than adding all your items at once. This way you get listed on the "What's New" list, and it's possible your items will be noticed more. And even though I have several other bracelets I can list, it's difficult to find the time to photograph them well and get them listed. I also wanted to list more autumn-themed pieces like the one above - it's been laying around my "almost finished" pile for two years now - but first I had to finish it! I put it on my blog back in September of 2009 (see it here) when it was just the collage - no borders or finished edges. Today I bought a stretched canvas with the intent to attach it to that somehow, but the premade sizes weren't quite right (the orange felt rectangle is 10"x 6"). I ended up backing it with the two different burlaps and adding the decorative hand stitching. It definitely looks much more finished and professional than it did! I even like this photograph of it - but I neglected to sign it! Better get back to the sewing machine, stitch in my signature and rephotograph it!

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