Friday, October 21, 2011

More Autumn Inventory!

As I mentioned in my previous post, last night I held my "creative playgroup" at the library. The women were very enthusiastic and willing to experiment and play with all the materials I brought. We especially had fun playing with the stamps, inks, and pearl-ex powder. This afternoon when I finally sat down to do something creative for an hour or so, I started putting away all the materials from last night, when I decided to play around with everything a little more on my own. I managed to come up with some new color combinations with some of the various stamps. As you can see, I'm even planning ahead a bit and getting in some wintry motifs!

Of course, I was partial to the autumn-toned pieces. I made a bunch of them so I can use them for charms on some of the bracelets I hope to finish up soon. But I also attempted getting two pieces to match close enough to be a pair of earrings - and I succeeded! I think the key is breaking off two same-size pieces of clay and working them together, step by step, rather than completing one and then trying to make a second just like it. Anyway, look what I came up with!I used metallic gold clay with the copper pearl-ex powder and added a few glass beads to the hanging wires. I added these to my etsy shop tonight, but I liked them so much, I made an extra pair for myself!

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